What we do

Credit Manager

In an effort to provide you personal service you can always ask for R.Miller [Credit Mgr], to help you with your inquiry and credit repair needs. He has been cleaning credit since 1989.

We repair bad credit, fix bad credit, and erase bad credit. We delete late payments and paid collections.

We also provide credit repair after Bankruptcy, Repossession, Divorce and Foreclosure.

We negotiate collections, charge-offs, and judgments.

We improve credit rating scores [FICO, Fair Isaac, Beacon, and Empirica].

After your credit issues are resolved or neutralized, then we will advise you on how to re-establish your credit if needed.

We enjoy fixing bad credit, repairing bad credit and cleaning up bad credit. Call us today and let us help you regain an A+ credit rating again.


I really like the way I was treated by everyone involved in your business, both on the phone and in person. L. McLaurin

Thank you for helping... We appreciated your patience and persistence. We would be pleased to recommend you to others. B Nixon

Already referred a friend. and will do so again when the opportunity arises. J. Hughes

This is to express my appreciation for the good work that was done... What appeared to be a Lost Cause was brought to a successful conclusion, thanks to your tact, perseverance and resourcefulness. I would recommend you to my friends. R. Seifert

Credit Review

Do you have a credit report, but frustrated with the credit problems that you see? Email or upload us your credit report. We will review your credit and describe to you how the errors can be corrected or deleted.

We will review your credit report and share with you what we think can be done to improve your FICO scores and/or credit. Include your name, phone number and email on the submission.


Welcome to Associated CreditCleaners.Net

If you are looking for help because you have credit problems and you desperately need your credit cleaned, you have come to the right place. We have been cleaning credit since 1989. We know how to resolve credit problems. We repair bad credit, improve credit, fix bad credit and erase bad credit. Our approach is personal: your credit matters will be dealt with in a very private, professional and personalized manner.

Credit Review SpecialThe first step in credit repair is the Credit Review. With this process we review your credit report with you by phone. We explain to you all the items that appear to be derogatory and confirm with you whether they are errors. If they are errors we describe to you how the derogatory credit items can be deleted or corrected. You have a choice of having us correct your derogatory credit or we can show you how to correct derogatory credit yourself.

We are accessible to you by email, phone or fax. In an effort to provide you personal service R.L.Miller will be assisting you with your inquiry and credit repair needs. If you call (800) 644-1994 you will be routed to his direct line or Inquire Online Now. Expect to work with R.L.Miller personally. He will review your credit problems and determine the best way that we can resolve your credit issues and improve your FICO scores. Repairing bad credit usually takes about 30-40 days depending on the complexity of the credit problems.

We Can Improve Your FICO Scores

We want to do everything we can to help restore your credit to the A+ rating you desire. We enjoy fixing bad credit. We have been repairing bad credit and improving credit scores since 1989. Even if you need credit repair after bankruptcy, the best way to start is to call us or email us your information. This will allow us the opportunity to study your credit problems and offer a solution. If you want immediate help go to our Inquire Online Now page, attach your credit report or include your url, login, password so we can review your online credit report, or email us your credit situation, or fax us your recent credit report for a Credit Review.

We look forward to improving your credit report.

Credit Repair - Simple & Easy

Credit repair can be a time consuming & frustrating process, but we make it simple and easy for you. Since we have been cleaning credit for many years we have developed a very effective process that promptly removes or corrects late payments and derogatory credit. Our credit repair process can correct or remove late payment errors, paid charge-offs and collections, correct after Bankruptcy credit.

Credit Repair

We enjoy cleaning up credit problems, fixing bad credit, and improving credit FICO scores. If you have late payment errors we attempt to remove them. If you have paid collections we attempt to correct or delete them. If you have Bankruptcy related problems we attempt to correct them. There are several ways that we can do this. To fix bad credit or erase bad credit it can take as little as a few weeks to a couple months. Call or Inquire Online Now, let us help you resolve your credit problems today.

Debt Settlement

We negotiate collections, judgments, charge-offs, and repossessions. We usually are able to save our clients hundreds to thousands of dollars when paying-off collections. We have a good success rate in helping our clients pay less than normal, when paying off collections. We do this by convincing creditors to accept discounted payoffs. This means that many of our clients only have to pay as little as 50% to 60% of the actual collection amount due. We also attempt to have the blemish removed from your credit report upon payoff. Inquire Online Now. Let us save you money. Let us negotiate and settle your judgments, repossessions, charge-offs or collections. We want to help you regain an A+ credit rating again.

Online Credit Report

Do you need a copy of your credit report? Submit your Online Inquiry today and mention you need a credit report. We have researched all the online credit reports and will share with you a list of the best online credit reports. These are reports that are less expensive but are very easy to read and contain all the necessary data that we need to work on your credit.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee is basic, if we can't either improve your credit or improve a credit score we will refund you your money back. We like correcting credit and we want to correct yours.

We intend on making our service to you the best investment that you've made in a long time. Submit an Online Inquiry today and let us help you get started with correcting your credit.

Remember, our credit repair coaching program is very educational and can improve all of your 3 FICO credit scores [FICO - Fair Isaac, Beacon, Empirica Scores]. Our goal is to teach you how you can improve your own scores. In many cases credit scores can improve as much as 50 to 100 points in 30-60 days. This means, if you have a score of 580 we may be able to raise your score to 630 to 680. We also will help you understand how you can establish new credit after having credit problems and how you can qualify for future financing (credit card, car loans, home loans, business loans, etc).

Inquire Online Now, let us help you resolve your credit problems today.


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